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Metal Toad: a high-growth business needed to be aligned to create maximum impact

Metal Toad is a successful, high-growth software business with a highly regarded reputation and big ambitions. As technology consultants, Metal Toad works to modernize businesses by building strategic applications for clients like Sony, Cisco, PBS, Verizon Wireless, and ABC. When they came to Emotive Brand for help, the management team was at a crossroads.

As often happens in the midst of a boom, an enthusiasm for growth left the business pursuing too many diverse initiatives. They needed to quickly realign and focus leadership around what they do and why they matter, closing the gap between their long-term vision and the reality of what their clients need today. And they needed to hold onto their momentum while continuing to deliver flawlessly. Fast Forward was the perfect answer.

As is true with many high-growth companies, Metal Toad’s challenges needed an agile approach to address the evolving nature of their business. With Fast Forward, we were able to spend one week on site with the executive team prioritizing their challenges and creating a strategy to move forward. By removing the team from their day-to-day responsibilities and creating a focused environment, challenges that were holding the business back came quickly and clearly to the surface.

Together, we developed a strategic map of the emergent, dominant, and residual forces shaping Metal Toad and its industry. This map allowed the team to come to a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities they faced, setting the solid foundation necessary for producing groundbreaking ideas, and ultimately, change.

Through the Fast Forward engagement, the Metal Toad leadership team was able to come together, collaborate, and craft a powerful brand promise that paved the way for the future of the business. The new positioning provided focus and clarity to optimize present and future organizational initiatives with maximum impact. A week later, we delivered updated copy for the website landing page to help communicate the new value proposition and convert leads.

“In less than a week, Emotive Brand was able to give us a powerful and differentiated platform for our business that was completely authentic and achievable.” Tony Rasmussen, VP Engineering, Metal Toad

Learn more about the partnership between Metal Toad and Emotive Brand, the lessons learned, and how we brought the strategy to life in the Metal Toad case study.

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