Fast Forward is a 4-week, virtual sprint to craft a compelling Corporate Narrative.

Work with our team of communications experts to make sure your COVID-19 response resonates right now.

Narratives that were timely a few weeks ago are no longer relevant and may risk sounding tone-deaf.

Unprecedented times call for increased empathy and understanding to tell your story in a way that is credible, believable, and meaningful to your audiences.

Focus on the narrative that will have the most impact.

The CEO Narrative enables leaders to communicate a vision appropriate for this moment that reaches all audiences.

The CMO Narrative is customized for marketing leaders and their teams to communicate with customers, partners, and broader communities.

The CHRO Narrative is designed to give HR leads and their teams the messages they need to speak with employees during this time.

The CRO Narrative is focused on sales leaders and their communications with customers, prospects, and partners.

Fast Forward your narrative.

Develop communications that are relevant for right now with Fast Forward from Emotive Brand.

Resources for Navigating Crisis Response

Cultivating Empathy: Essential in Uncertain Times

Cultivating Empathy: Essential in Uncertain Times

Empathy in Uncertain Times These days, everything feels unsettled. We’ve watched travel discontinue, lively offices expeditiously shift to remote work, restaurants and small businesses shut their doors, cities still and quiet, as the landscape of our global economy shifts on a daily basis. Recognition that this COVID-19 state of living, working, and doing business will not be ephemeral is settling in. We’re seeing first hand as our clients are forced to quickly adapt—make swift decisions, innovate new solutions, and reimagine the way they’ve always done business. It’s clear that the weight...

Leadership in a COVID-19 World: Navigating “Fields of Paradox”

Leadership in a COVID-19 World: Navigating “Fields of Paradox”

Turbulence Takes a Toll The acceleration of COVID-19, the speed and intensity of change, the current economic terrain, and the pressure to innovate, adapt, stabilize, and address each new challenge (of which there are many) with focus, grace, empathy, and precision is no doubt taking a toll on all of today’s business leaders.  The current state of affairs reminded us of an interview with Gianpiero Petriglieri, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at INSEAD, who provides insights into the implications of turbulent times on leadership.  “Whatever sector or industry you...

A Corporate Narrative: Convincing the Skeptics

A Corporate Narrative: Convincing the Skeptics

The Case for a Corporate Narrative CEOs often doubt the necessity of a corporate narrative. As a marketing or salesperson, you see messaging and storytelling as strategic tools. But what if they’re only fluffy buzzwords to whomever signs the consultant’s check? How do you convince someone who sees the world in revenue and profit to invest in a positioning process? You speak their language and you support your arguments with numbers. We’ve listed some quantified benefits of a corporate narrative to convince even your toughest negotiators: 1. Drive Corporate Value McKinsey & Company found...