Exactly How Does Your Brand Make People Feel?

Every minute of every day your brand’s future is influenced – for better or worse – by the way people feel after experiencing your brand’s way of doing business.

Ask yourself, “What is driving the intent, attitude and manner of the way our brand does business right now?”

Or, more to the point, “How do we want to leave people feeling as a result of dealing with our brand?

Oddly, despite all the innovation and advances in the branding process, few brand-owners have a clear vision for the emotional connection they could seek that could transform their fortunes by helping their brands:

  • Solidify positions – by meaning more to the people vital to their success, from employees to customers to partners; seeing how that makes them care more about what you say, what you do and the role you play in their lives
  • Outpace competitors – becoming a powerful magnet by redefining category parameters by reaching out to people on a far more meaningful level; emerging as the only player in a new category based on meaning
  • Thrive in today’s turbulent environment – forging emotionally-based ties to people that are hard to break, resilient to attack and enduring.

Emotions are nothing to fear.

They lie behind every rational decision.

Thoughtful brands are able to evoke specific emotions in credible ways.

These evoked feelings marry themselves to the rational experience.

In turn, the memory of such emotive brand moments keeps the brand “top-of-mind” in future purchase decisions and recommendations.

It’s a virtuous circle of success that starts and ends with feelings.

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