Employee Engagement: Turn Low Morale Into Purposeful Behavior

High morale. High energy. High interest. High collaboration. High innovation. Why not?

Just ask, “What is standing between what our company needs and what our people really want?”

You’ll see there’s a lack of balance.

Your company needs your employees’ blood and sweat.

Whereas, your people need better reasons than you now provide to invest their energy in helping your business succeed.

The way to create a purposeful workplace balance is to evolve your brand’s intent, attitude and behavior:

  • Make it your brand’s intent to matter to the people you employ by designing a workplace that they find fulfilling.
  • Adopt an empathetic attitude toward employees and foster empathy among your employees.
  • Encourage a new way of being and behaving that makes your brand matter to employees.
  • Treat them right and they’ll pay you back through purposeful behavior they find gratifying.

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