An Emotive Holiday: Happy Holidays from Emotive Brand

An Emotive Holiday 

By now, you’ve most likely seen our holiday card. We fit all the balloons, confetti, and sparkle we could into our card – because what’s an epic holiday card without that?

This year’s holiday card is all about celebration. 2017 had its ups and downs and we wanted to take a moment to share joy, togetherness, and the many personalities that make up our amazing team.

This year’s holiday card is also our way of saying thank you to all of you. Thank you for reading our blog.  Thank you for sharing our thoughts and believing in our purpose. Thank you for moving our brand and business forward into 2018. Thank you for all the creativity, inspiration, and keen perspective you added to our year.  Thank you for all of the joy and the love.

This year’s card is our gift of joy back. We created it hoping that it would add some light, happiness, and sparkle to your holiday season. And that it would set up this coming year in the light of positivity.

We’re signing off to enjoy the holidays and we hope you do too. Keep posted for more blogs in 2018.

See you on the flip side,

Emotive Brand

Emotive Brand is a San Francisco brand strategy and design agency.

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