Ad tech becomes

As a start-up matures and faces tough competitors, it’s time to reimagine the brand.

Services Provided
– Brand Strategy
– Messaging Platform
– Visual Identity
– Website Design
– Brand Guidelines

Differentiation is vital for a technology company in a hyper-crowded category like ad tech.

To stand out in a crowded space, Drawbridge needed a different angle from everyone else. A clear story and a distinctive look. The leadership team is rightly proud of the technology they built. But, from a brand perspective, we focused not on how it works, but its effect on people. Because Drawbridge technology enables advertisers to reach consumers on any device, it profoundly changes the way brands connect with people.

A purpose-led brand strategy helped shift the approach from features and benefits, to a more aspirational human brand. We did persona workshops to align on clear target audiences and guide development of accurate messaging. And we rolled the new Drawbridge brand strategy into a fresh new look, logo, website and attitude. Drawbridge embraced their new strategy with a new tagline: Go beyond devices. Say hello to people.

We say, “Say hello to Drawbridge.”

What We Learned Along the Way

When a promise truly connects, it drives the entire brand.

The central pillar of brand strategy is the brand promise. It’s a thrill when clients not only embrace their new brand promise, but start living it. Some clients take the strategy we build together and hit the ground running. Some take a bit more guidance. Either way works, as long as it happens.

Everyone needs to ride the same elevator.

A brand can’t scale when only the top 2 or 3 people can tell the story. A simpler, more human brand story equips everyone with a consistent approach that anyone can understand. A powerful story inspires a more engaged workforce, an excited sales team and an energized CEO.

The path to differentiation is through meaning.

The best differentiation is carved out by brands with a meaningful connection to people – solving a problem that matters to them. Companies that need to stand out do a better job when they make a better, more personal connection with people.

“We make strong connections between brands and people by delivering the right message to the right person on the right device at the right moment. We came to Emotive Brand to do the same for our own brand.”

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Drawbridge Founder and CEO

Bringing Strategy to Life

A More Personal View of Technology
The Drawbridge brand is about the human effect of smart technology. Celebrating the individual in tune with the selfie culture. The graphic language explores the threads that people leave behind as they interact with the digital world, showing the energy of the personal connection between brands and people. Threads that only Drawbridge can detect.

AdTech Startup Drawbridge Brand Strategy and Branding Case Study

A Website That Captures the Energy of Innovation
A contemporary web design that’s responsive across devices. Just what you’d expect from the leader in cross-device connectivity.

A Logo with People in Mind
The new Drawbridge logo reveals that people are at the center of the Drawbridge brand.

Experience that Works

Reduce complexity.

Smart positioning and crisp brand-level messaging give everyone a storyline that anyone can understand. We elevated the Drawbridge brand and product messages beyond complexity to the promised land of simplicity.

Clarify the target.

For a clear picture about who the Drawbridge brand talks to, we developed detailed audience persona maps showing what people care about and what matters to them, so we were able to connect at a deeper level.

Dive fast, dive deep.

Fast-moving clients need a brand partner who understands their world. We quickly grasped the complex Drawbridge technology and ecosystem. It inspired trust, so we could build a great brand together.

Talk to sales for customer insight.

We partnered with the Drawbridge sales leadership team to get a more complete picture of the customer. We started our work in the C-suite, but it’s essential to get the story from other points of view as well.