Change Of Functionality Adds Meaning For Getty Images

It’s amazing how seemingly small changes in the way a business reaches out to people can have such a meaningful impact.

Getty Images website users in the UK now see a more subtle, informative and personalized watermark when viewing images (bottom image).

The new watermark is simply more useful:

  • It shows the link that takes you directly to that image’s page, which is now richer in content.
  • It credits the photographer, which is a great way for Getty to reach out to its contributors.
  • It no longer stands as a dated and arrogant barrier between the image-seeking user and the images themselves.

Businesses that want to matter more to people will do well to think of ways to make dealing with their products and services easier, more friendly and more approachable.

Be useful. Share credit. Break down barriers.


Read the original story and view a video about the transformation here.

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