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Infusing an employer brand with meaning and energy.

Services Provided
– Employer Brand Strategy
– Employer Brand Voice
– Visual Identity
– Messaging Platform
– Campaign
– Manifesto
– Employer Brand Guidelines

For the last 30 years, Cadence has been quietly working behind the scenes to help the world’s most recognized technology companies create the future of electronics.

Cutting-edge brands rely on Cadence to build the most innovative products and transform the way we live. Despite this compelling story, most people are unaware of Cadence and the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry because the work tends to be top-secret and incredibly complex.

Cadence has assembled an accomplished team of engineers over the last three decades, as well as a thriving workplace culture that is consistently recognized by Fortune and others. Despite this, Cadence was losing recruits and young engineers to more well-known (and well-branded) tech companies like Google and Facebook.

To stay at the forefront of their industry, Cadence recognized the need for a new employer brand that could help support efforts to attract top talent around the globe. Our work positioned Cadence as an inclusive workplace where employees of all backgrounds and experience levels could make a meaningful impact on both their career and the world. Cadence was recognized again in 2016 as a World’s Best Multinational Workplace just as the new brand was ready to launch.

What We Learned Along the Way

Think globally. Act locally. …………………….

It’s difficult to create a consistent and compelling recruitment message on a global scale. Global employers must create a common Employee Value Proposition that everyone is drawn to, but also take into account cultural differences. By tailoring messaging and rollout to each country and region, the potential for success is much greater. Current employees will feel respected and united and potential candidates will feel compelled to join the team.

Avoid design by committee. ……..

Establish early on in the process who the key stakeholders are and who is going to sign-off on creative. You know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen? But with a streamlined set of feedback, it is possible to flex even the most rigid of corporate brands to deliver something that feels fresh and invigorating.

Think about today and tomorrow.

When developing an Employer Brand, it’s important to take into consideration not just what you are trying to accomplish today, but where the company is heading and the talent implications that go along with that. The Employer Brand must support today’s recruiting needs as well as fuel tomorrow’s business strategy.

“Emotive Brand was able to connect quickly and deeply with what makes our company and our culture so special. Their work is powerful and their creative process is inspiring. I highly recommend Emotive for their talent, their efficiency, and their professionalism.”

Tina Jones, Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources, Cadence

Bringing Strategy to Life

Shine bright.
Working at Cadence means working alongside the industry’s brightest people and innovating for the biggest, most successful companies in the world. The goal of our graphic language was to inject energy and reinforce the strategy through the use of a bright and energetic gradient system.

Adding a personal touch.
We were super excited when Cadence chose to do a photo shoot of their own employees. It allowed us to give the Employer Brand that personal touch that can sometimes be missing, and put a spotlight on the Cadence employees and their unique personalities. When it came to the day of the shoot, we noticed how intrigued and curious other employees were about what we were doing. The shoot gave us the opportunity to start generating buzz and excitement around the new Cadence Employer Brand.

Experience that Works

A part of the family.

We energized the Employer Brand with a visual language, color palette, and photography style that felt fresh, emotive, and bold, but also maintained a strong connection to the Cadence corporate brand.

Less words. More impact.

It can be tempting to throw the kitchen sink at your target audience in hopes that something sticks. But effective messaging requires simplicity and clarity. We crafted a Messaging Platform that kept the Cadence communications team focused and consistent—in order to create greater impact.

Find your voice.

It’s hard not to get bogged down in jargon when you are a highly technical company solving very complex problems. But it was critical to craft a Voice for Cadence that felt more human and passionate to inspire and connect with potential employees.

Connect to the heart.

While engineers are a very brainy bunch, employers must still remember to tap into their hearts. We crafted an Employee Value Proposition that would bring pride and inspiration to everyone that worked at Cadence, no matter their role, age, or location.