Bridging the Gap – Work Becomes Less Gratifying As People Seek Meaningful Gratification

These are uncertain and unsettling times for workers. The institution of employment has been broken apart, made increasingly conditional, and, for many workers, emptied of meaning.

At the same time, businesses need people to help them compete, grow, and prosper. For that to happen, employees need to be engaged, motivated, and aligned.

And add to this the growing need of the people to do work that matters to themselves, the society, and the planet.

How can your business bridge the gap between the reality of your workplace today and the meaningful desires of your employees?

We’ve prepared three papers to help you navigate this pressing issue:

The Age of Meaning” summarizes the zeitgeist that is causing people to be more discerning in what they buy, whom the buy from, and what companies they will work for.

The Meaning Gap” visualizes the dilemma businesses face and explains what they need to do to bridge the gap.

The Meaningful Workplace” outlines steps you need to take to create a workplace that matters to your employees, and new recruits.

All our papers take a commonsensical look at the personal, social, and business dynamics at play, and offer practical advice on how to transform the way your business gets along with people seeking to create meaning in their lives. You can read them online, or download PDFs for later reading and sharing.

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