Attracting Talent To Your Business – Recruiting The Emotive Branding Way

Perhaps the most significant outcome of the emotive branding process is the new story you’re able to tell.

It’s a story that engages people on a different level than most recruitment communications.


Because it answers that very question… it explains why it is particulary worthwhile to work for your company.

It marries the necessary rational information with a strong dose of emotion.

It transforms work from something one has to do, to something one wants to do.

It attracts top quality people who bring the kinds of values and behavior that will make your company stronger and more appealing.

A strong story built on emotive branding’s “Why + Emotions = Meaning” framework goes a long way toward building a more meaningful and productive workplace.

The outcome is a story that recruits great people into your company. The start is a simple and essential question, “Why?”


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